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Av. Los Constructores 1027. La Molina
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Nightly rate for each room:
Standard Rates (Nuevos Soles)
Normal Rates
(Nuevos Soles)
Junior Suite
Classic Room
Twin Bed Room
Three Bred Room
All rates include taxes for foreign tourists and Peruvians not residing in Peru.
Check Out times: In Hotel La Molina the hotel day begins at 3 p.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m. the following day.


Payments can be made directly to the Hotels Bank account.

  • Banco Continental
    For payments made in US Dollars:
    Account Number: 0011-0109-000100005177 69
    Company Name: Servicios Turisticos La Molina E.I.R.L.
    Banco Continental
    For Payments made in Soles:
    Account Number: 011 109 000100000698 69
    Company Name: Servicios Turisticos La Molina E.I.R.L.

After making the transfer and/or deposit please send a fax with the deposit voucher to: (+511)348 0843 o via e-mail at: info@hotellamolina.com.pe indicating the transfer and/or deposit number, name, and telephone number. Hotel La Molina will then send the confirmation of services via e-mail.

Boutique Hotel La Molina

The ideal place for a romantic weekend, family holiday or a business trip

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Hotel La Molina
Av. Los Constructores 1027. La Molina - Lima - Perú
Reservaciones: (511) 348 - 3730 Fax: (511) 348 – 0843
Correo Electrónico: info@hotellamolina.com.pe